Symbolic artworks
& Creative Design

Symbolic Art emphasizes creative expression and artistic development in all we do. In addition to offering arts & craft projects, sports and recreation we are fortunate to expand our artistry by collaborating with local professionals who specialize in visual and performing arts 

Original Art Pieces Offered by:

Mr. Raleigh French | Octipoppi Artworks

Symbolic Art youth get to create art while gaining an understanding of color theory and learning specific techniques related to using traditional drawing media such as acrylic paint, chalk, charcoal (soft or hard) ~ color pencils, crayon and water colors

Symbolic Art fundraiser
"Paint & Pizookie"

We are currently building an interest list.

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Symbolic Art is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization

We are funded "exclusively" by the generous support we get from families who participate with us in an assortment of programming i.e. before & after school activities, sports, kids night out, basketball and community events such as the upcoming "Paint & Pizookie" event we are hosting at BJ's restaurant. 

Participants can expect to learn how to create an original art piece under the guidance of artist:

Mr. Raleigh French

"Octipoppi Artworks"