Symbolic Art Fitness
Tae Kwon Do


Total Fitness & Self Defense Grand Master Kiel Soon Park said:

"TaeKwonDo is a way of life. Its purpose is to enable men and women to realize their full potential both mentally and physically. If the mental aspect is ignored, its physical aspect is meaningless."

Our Symbolic Art fitness program incorporates TaeKwonDo into our schedule of activities to help youth combat obesity by giving them an opportunity to participate in an ongoing fitness regimen so they can develop physical and mental stamina.

 TaeKwonDo as a traditional martial art is not simply about fighting and it is much more than a sport. Students engage in specific physical exercises to help improve mind, body and spirit while incorporating an element of artistry in the free flow of specific movements, the ingenuity of joint locks, throws and exercising creative forces that develop self-control and self-discipline. We believe this is what makes learning TaeKwonDo so fun.

Many beginner TaeKwonDo students marvel at the ease advanced students perform complicated techniques. They imagine the length of time it might be before they learn to perform similar moves when they see with practice, dedication over time that other new students marvel at them.


  • Beginners will learn the basic skills of self-defense steps which consist of form, blocks and kicks. Students will be motivated to learn techniques that inspire self-discipline and showing respect toward others. This developmental class emphasizes having fun as the most important lesson of all. 
  • Location: Symbolic Art @Becker Middle School: Future 2014 - 2015 Classes TBD