Symbolic Art After School Activities
@Richard H. Bryan ES

Symbolic Art is so excited to return to RH Bryan Elementary School to offer interactive programming which includes: recreation i.e. "FunPlay" ~ "Free" workshops, classes, group games, arts and crafts and community engagement. Our program has been completed revised to accommodate our RHB family of participants who have been demanding our return.

Symbolic Art is onsite at Richard Bryan Wednesdays and Thursdays and participants are invited to come check us out to see all the fun, exciting and educational activities we have planned for this upcoming school year. Parents can be certain there is "No" other program that can compare to Symbolic Art. We are so much more than any other after school program you might be familiar with. Our staff includes passionate adults who truly love the families who support us. We are eager to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the youth who participate with us. We are also looking forward to providing "Fun Play" activities as an incentive for those classes who meet their academic goals throughout the year.

Interactive sessions include: Internet safety and awareness, anti-bully campaign | "Be Brave" (youth empowerment) sports i.e. basketball, flag football, creative expression through dance, singing, radio broadcasting, arts and craft projects, and other socially interactive, learning and development.

Symbolic Art is "proud" to support Richard Bryan families with our
after school programming and related workshops, classes, activities and events.
Everything we do is designed to engage the community in meaningful expression. 

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Fun Play Club @RH Bryan
Note:*Symbolic Art has been offering its programs within several communities to include: Lummis ES, Becker MS, Molasky MS for more than seven years. Recently we have been mis-characterized as a program that required state permits and licensing notwithstanding the fact that the State of NV licensing agency has advised us that our appropriate characterization is an "OST" - Out of School Time Program and as such the Symbolic Art program is exempt from any state permits or licensing requirements.

Notwithstanding, Symbolic Art staff has been fully background checked through CCSD and at both the state and federal levels. As a program, Symbolic Art staff completed CCSD's "Stay in School Mentoring Program" through their school/community partnership program - Symbolic Art signed off on their confidentiality agreement and as such is an approved CCSD mentoring program. Symbolic Art also collaborates with LVMPD, PTAs, Community Coalitions, Discovery Charter School, and other for profit / non profit organizations to ensure Symbolic Art participants have access to a wide array of educational and enriching resources.

Symbolic Art believes parents should have a choice
for what programs their children participate when school is not in session. 

Symbolic Art FunPlay Club is where Elementary Students go to have fun, get help with homework,  and interact with their peers. Symbolic Art is a program that offers a unique experience tailored to the children who attend. 

At Symbolic Art we believe in structuring our programs according to the interests of the participants. While homework is the number #1 priority at all of our sites - after the homework is done - we like to have fun by appealing to whatever our youth consider as fun.

 Whether playing indoor/outdoor group games or simply getting acquainted with one another through some form of creative outlet our program is a blank canvass open to the input of our youth who fill in the colors of creativity, magic and fun filled experiences. Symbolic Art ~ Where Cultures Connect!