Symbolic Art Fun Play Club
~ Richard H. Bryan ES ~

Symbolic Art is so excited to offer its after school programming to RHB students who enjoy  interactive programming which includes academic enrichment, group games, sports, recreation. arts & craft projects ~ "Free" workshops and classes.

At Symbolic Art we believe parents deserve to have a safe, affordable  and fun option for before and after school programming.

Our program can be compared to no other program that exists in Las Vegas.

Fun Play Club @RH Bryan

Symbolic Art is onsite at Richard Bryan Wednesdays and Thursdays. Students are invited to join us and experience how different we are from other programs. 

Symbolic Art provides "Fun Play" recreation activities as an incentive to classes who meet their academic & attendance goals throughout the year ~ Go RHB Bulldogs!

Symbolic Art staff are passionate adults who truly love RHB and the families who support the efforts of our program. We are eager to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our participants. Symbolic Art proudly donates time and monetary resources in support of quality of education at RHB.

Program participants are encouraged to read, practice writing or engage in some other educational activity.

While helping students complete homework assignments is the number #1 priority at all Symbolic Art locations - after the homework is done - we love to have fun by engaging in activities that appeal to whatever our youth consider as fun. 

We believe in tailoring our program's structure to match the interests of the participants who attend

Note: *We adopt a zero tolerance for any acts of bullying or disrespectful behavior

In addition to providing before and after school programming Symbolic Art staff members are approved mentors through CCSD's Stay in School Mentoring Project.

We are committed to helping youth who may need extra help with academics, encouragement, nurturing a positive self-image, or whatever interaction that might be helpful for inspiring youth to be more productive in their academic pursuits.

Through our collaborative effort with NV Child Seekers ~ Symbolic Art youth learn best practices on the Internet, personal safety, responsible use, avoid harmful situations and suspicious activity. 

We are always looking for creative ways to help strengthen the social health, physical and mental well being of "All" students whether enrolled in our program or not

Fun Play Club @RH Bryan

Symbolic Art ~ Where Cultures Connect!

Please email us for details

 Whether playing indoor/outdoor group games or simply getting acquainted with peers through some form of creative expression or recreational outlet ~ The Symbolic Art program is a blank canvass open to the input of our youth who fill in the colors of creativity, magic and fun filled experiences.