Symbolic Art @Molasky Middle School 
After School Activities Program

7801 W. Gilmore Ave, Room #304

Symbolic Art @Molasky - an after school program where youth stay active by participating in sports, arts & craft projects, indoor/outdoor recreation, dance, community service projects & more. 

Sports include: Youth developmental basketball,

flag football and soccer (co-ed)

Activities: Dance & Cheer Teams, TaeKwonDo

Symbolic Art participants in the after school program are eligible for internships and community service hours when they get involved in Symbolic Art community service related programs and/or events. Symbolic Art collaborates with The United Way of S. Nevada and Nevada Child Seekers to offer participants the opportunity to make a difference in their community. 

Each Symbolic Art site offers a unique experience according to the children who attend. We structure our program according to the interests of the participants. While homework is our number #1 priority at all of our sites - after the homework is done - we like to have fun playing indoor/outdoor games  or simply getting acquainted with one another through some form of creative outlet.

Symbolic Art coordinators have served the  community for more than 15 years from organizing and directing dance groups such as the "Symbolic Art Dance Squad" - who has performed in high school talent shows, The Magic Forest at Opportunity Village and school dances ... to coaching youth developmental basketball, soccer and flag football.

Symbolic Art is "More" than an after school program!

Participants have the opportunity to express themselves creatively whether it's through community service projects, dance, TaeKwonDo, business, writing/reciting poetry, music or participating in Symbolic Art's Youth Council (S.Y.N.C) - in collaboration with Councilman Steve Ross' office, the LVMPD, Student Safety Action Committee and other concerned students.

Symbolic Art Youth Networking Council members have accepted the challenge to combat bullying.

Symbolic Art @Molasky after-school program encourages higher learning through community service projects, collaborative events with the Athletic Department at UNLV - After School soccer with Alliance FC Soccer Club and special events such as Fun Fridays at LaserQuest, Chuck E. Cheese, movie night, seasonal camps, school dances, arts & craft workshops with many other activities for youth to enjoy.

**Note: We require payment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis according to how often you plan to attend our after school activities program.

*We accept cash or credit card payments. Checks are accepted on a case by case basis

  • Daily registration payments are due in advance of attending the program
  • Weekly registration payments are due NLT Monday of the week of attending the program
  • Monthly registration payments are due by the 1st of each month

Symbolic Art @Molasky Fees:

  • Daily rate: $8
  • Weekly rate: $40
  • Annual Registration Fee: $25

Complete An Online Registration Here

After School Program @Molasky
  • Fun Play Club: $135 (Monthly) *Club fees must be paid on-site @Molasky

Symbolic Art's coaching staff encourages all youth - boys & girls - to participate in its basketball development and training program that is available for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Ongoing developmental training to help youth learn the fundamentals of the game while practicing fair play with an emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship.

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