Symbolic Art
Funding4Youth Campaign

Symbolic Art promotes after school programming, activities, arts & crafts and community service projects for youth ages 4-17. Symbolic Art currently operates its programs out of two middle schools with additional schools interested to invite Symbolic Art programming into their schools. 

The Funding4Youth campaign has been developed to conduct year round fundraising activities to help offset costs to run programs as well as to maintain affordability for parents. The initial fundraising campaign ... the "GodFather"/"GodMother" is an adopt a child program. This campaign is created to provide "GodFathers" and "GodMothers" an opportunity to sponsor a child's SAFE summer and recreation experience. 

GodFather/GodMother sponsors will be matched with a child/family in need of subsidized weekly enrollment fees. A pool of resources will be established specifically for parents in need of assistance.

Children are matched based upon $100 increments. Once a child is matched with his/her GodParent - parents and children will be notified of the match. The connection will be facilitated by Symbolic Art. 

GodParents and parent(s) of the children will be invited to Funding4Youth fundraising events throughout the year to give them an opportunity to get further acquainted and solidify a community bond.

Donations range between $25 - $100 with a 12 month commitment

If you are considering serving as a GodParent and cannot commit to a 12 month period - please consider helping our youth any way you can

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