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Symbolic Art is sponsored by FACES Inc. a 501 (c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization. We offer after school programs, camps, recreation and activities at an affordable rate. As a community partner it is our endeavor to match willing sponsors with families/participants as a way to strengthen the bond within our community.

Families will be placed in categories according to income brackets. A few factors will be used as consideration before matching a sponsor i.e. length of time on our list, indicated need, number of children enrolled etc. Parents who demonstrate the greatest need within these parameters will be given priority. We do our best to match sponsors with families based upon the above factors. We make no promises with respect to what sponsor is matched with a family nor do we discriminate based on any of the protected classes i.e. age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, familial status.

Registering to be matched does not guarantee a sponsor will be available for each parent/child enrolled in our sponsorship program nor does it indicate a promise that a certain amount will be pledged. Symbolic Art will extend credits to parents based upon the amount pledged on behalf of a familiy. Credits shall be used toward Symbolic Art seasonal camp enrollment fees. No money will ever be exchanged between a sponsor, a parent or children. By checking the box you agree to hold harmless Symbolic Art, FACES Inc. its staff, affiliates, private sponsors from any claims, actions or judgments whether expressed or implied that relate to Symbolic Art programs and/or activities.