Symbolic Art Seasonal Camps Hosted At
Becker Middle School

Becker Middle School
9151 Pinewood Hills Dr. Rm. #401

Symbolic Art seasonal camps, hosted at Becker Middle School, bring fun 'back' to the community with activities to include flag football, kickball, dodge ball, basketball, indoor & outdoor games, arts & craft workshops, city-wide excursions to the movies, Chuck E. Cheese and LaserQuest


At Camp Symbolic Art, the best vote of confidence we get is when the children who participate in our programs, camps and activities don't want to leave by the end of the day - what's more important - after each session we strengthen the bond of our community and we look forward to the next Symbolic Art camp or event. When our children "Insist" on coming back, WE LOVE IT!

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Our formula for success? We don't warehouse our children ... we interact with them continuously throughout their day with us. We are always on the lookout to teach them new things and to inspire them to express themselves creatively - we enjoy being inspired by their natural talent and abilities.

The Symbolic Art Center is the place where youth ages 6-14 >> potty trained tots: Ages 4-5 stay actively involved throughout the day within their respective age groups. We truly love to have "FUN" -- at Symbolic Art we pay attention to feedback from our youth who share how boring and frustrating school breaks have been in the past for them. We also listen when our children (and parents) share unhappy camp experiences. This is valuable insight we use to continue making adjustments and improvements to the way Symbolic Art programs and activities are developed.

Our Staff represent a responsive group of parents, adults and community partners who intend to create a unique seasonal camp experience with activities that are enriching for students, interns and other participants -- we emphasize socializing, constant involvement between staff and youth, creativity, nurturing positive, long-term relationships and being inspired to express unique talents that can be developed within an environment filled with encouragement and positive reinforcement.

We go to great lengths to protect the integrity of our camp experience by adopting a zero tolerance for any form of bullying, disrespectful or otherwise intimidating behavior to include child, parent or Symbolic Art staff. We take swift corrective action toward conflict resolution so we can get back on track doing what we enjoy the most ... "Having Fun"!

Seasonal Camps at The Symbolic Art Center: Becker Middle School campus - get rave reviews from the children. One of the greatest compliments we get is when they don't want to leave by the end of the day - another wonderful compliment is when parents comment how confident they are knowing their children are in a safe and interactive environment.

We treat each of our children at Symbolic Art camp as though he/she were the most important member in camp - creating a positive experience with us is important. Our main intention is to provide memorable experiences reinforced by meaningful relationships. This is our #1 priority.

We inspire continuous fun and enjoyment by offering an assortment of games and activities directed to improve the physical, social and emotional health of our youth. We also help them make new friends with others through frequent interactions throughout the day.

At the core of Symbolic Art is a mature staff with more than 18 years of experience, individually working with youth - maturity, a broad base of experience, creativity and compassion coupled with a team of specially selected young group of energetic counselors make the Symbolic Art camping experience incomparable to any other in Las Vegas. All youth ages 4-14 are welcome to attend.

For more information about our seasonal camps please email us.

If you would like to stay informed about upcoming Symbolic Art activities ... please email the Symbolic Art Administrator to be added to our mailing list.

Symbolic Art Staff is grateful to all the parents who support our program throughout the year ... Seasonal Camps, After School Activities and School Dances - We Love It!!

"Thank You" we couldn't do what we do without our parents who return faithfully to have fun with us!! We always look forward to making new friends adding to our ever growing community.

Symbolic Art is your community program. It is because of your participation and your vote of confidence when you invite others to join us that helps us continue to grow toward securing our position as "THE" seasonal camp, recreation and after school activity "EXPERIENCE"!

*Note: Receive updates about upcoming Symbolic Art activities, camps and programming
by sending an email to: Symbolic Art