Ready, Set, Play Basketball

Becker Middle School
9151 Pinewood Hills Dr. Rm. #401

At Symbolic Art we believe learning to play the game of basketball is about gaining an appreciation for learning the fundamentals first and developing the skills as a competitive sport second.

The intense physical and mental demands of playing the game of basketball can be minimized by grasping the basic skills. Ready, Set, Play is a basketball clinic where the fundamentals are taught within a stress-free environment - the tempo of the game is sped up and slowed down as necessary to emphasize learning.

"Boys and Girls" ages 6-15 who participate in the Ready, Set, Play basketball clinic learn through practice and playing time irrespective of natural talent. Everyone gets an opportunity to play as they learn the essential fundamentals of the game!

Our main goal is to give instruction through positive reinforcement. Young athletes receive guidance and insight that help develop the fundamentals while building upon basketball skills in the following areas:

  • Ball Handling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Offense & Defense
  • Work Ethic & Effort

Note: If your child is a returning athlete or has participated in other Symbolic Art programs within the last 12 months and your information has not changed you are not required to complete the formal registration process.

We will use the information we have on file.
Please email us at: SymbolicArtCenter to sign up for the upcoming session scheduled for TBD

Becker Middle School

We realize everyone may not be suited to play on their school's basketball team; however, we truly believe most young people wherever they are on the scale of ability can benefit by learning the basics, the fundamentals of teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship.

While there are basketball players who possess natural talent and have the skill level sufficient enough to make the cut and play for a team at school or with a league - Ready, Set, Play offers benefits to them as well.

Coach D, challenges each individual athlete according to his/her demonstrated talent and ability. Other athletes who could use the exercise or extra playing time to help refine their skills are encouraged to participate as well. Participants will enjoy the work-out they get - a work-out that is designed to help them stay active.