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Symbolic Art is proud to offer its before and after school programming to DPAC scholars onsite. Parents can rest easy knowing their children will be active in a program without the need to walk or be transported anywhere else.

AM SESSION: 6:00 AM - 7:15 AM

AM Daily: $5 | AM Weekly: $20

Scholars who participate with us in our AM session can expect to engage in activities that help them start their day energized and ready to go.

DPAC Scholars ~ AM Session
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Note: *We adopt a zero tolerance for any acts of bullying or disrespectful behavior 

Our Symbolic Art team of community partners is lead by: "Coach Johnny"  ~ a passionate father, mentor, coach and recreation specialist  committed to helping youth develop their unique talents and abilities through sports, academic achievement and artistic expression.

At Symbolic Ar we believe after school programming needs to consist of more than warehousing children i.e. babysitting. We believe youth deserve the opportunity to be children as they express themselves creatively while parents deserve to have a choice between after school programming that's affordable, inspiring, creative and where positive social interaction occurs. Symbolic Art is where cultures connect to have fun and to enjoy meaningful experiences.  At all of our sites we emphasize the importance of academic achievement by ensuring time is allotted for homework and other academics. Afterward, our programs are tailored to satisfy the interests of the participants who join us. Activities include group games, arts & craft projects, life skills, mentoring, 

PM SESSION: 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

PM Daily: $7 | PM Weekly: $28

DPAC Scholars ~ PM Session
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Scholars who participate with us in our PM session can expect to engage in group games, developmental sports, arts & crafts and community service projects, mentoring, online safety workshops and other interactive activities that may be of interest to the participants enrolled in our program.

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