After School Activities Program (A.S.A.P) 
@Becker Middle School

Becker Middle School
After School Program
9151 Pinewood Hills Dr. Rm. #401

 Symbolic Art After school programming at Becker Middle School is open for Middle School youth who want to get involved with Symbolic Art and the calendar of community service projects planned throughout the year. We encourage creative - artistic expression through music, dance, poetry etc., academic enrichment, positive social interaction, sports and recreation. We love to have fun and we enjoy creating meaningful experiences for our youth and the families they represent! 

Our #1 priority during the first hour of the after school program is dedicated to completing homework assignments and/or activities related to improved academics.

A quiet period is established to encourage students to get help with homework through peer-to-peer or online tutoring.  We invite high-school students to volunteer their time to work with Symbolic Art members complete homework assignments and to offer positive interactions. After the homework is done -- we encourage our teens to have fun, meet new friends and/or express themselves creatively.

**Note: We adopt a zero tolerance for any acts of bullying or disrespectful behavior of any kind

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Open Registration for (A.S.A.P) After School Program @Becker
Dwayne McIntyre, Program Director
Becker M.S. Room #401
(702) 610-4099

Symbolic was founded in 2008 on the strength of an idea that youth ages 4 - 16 would benefit from an environment where they could feel safe to express themselves without the fear of being bullied, intimidated or otherwise humiliated in any way. We believe all youth irrespective a age, background, physical condition, social status, education, ethnicity etc.possess artistic ability and talent.

We intend to discover innovative ways to tap into those abilities while providing the means to express it. Symbolic Art is a 'Development Center' - i.e. basketball, flag football, academics, dance, music, business, social responsibility. We inspire artists at all levels to showcase their talents. With the help of our supporters - parents, youth, educators, politicians, business owners -- "You" - we intend to continue collaborating with positive, like-minded individuals who agree to help us to continue providing a platform for positive, free self-expression.