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Becker Middle School
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At the Symbolic Art Center we offer interactive programming for youth ages 4-16. We encourage Symbolic Art participants to express their creative talent both in school and in the communities where we live, work and play.

Symbolic Art's core philosophy of honesty, integrity and respect are underscored by the following belief: We believe all people are gifted with an inherent artistic talent and ability - we see everyone as 'Artists' who need to be inspired, nurtured and developed.

Our programs are created around education, empowerment and self-discovery - these represent the main ingredients that go into developing our Seasonal Camps, After School Activities, Sports, Recreation and Community Service Projects.

'Artist Development' is what Symbolic Art programming is all about. We connect with youth on their terms. With a spirit of building mutual respect we seek to implement programs that appeal directly to the interests of our youth - we attend to their needs within a context of creativity, respect for unique ideas, having fun, and facilitating ongoing growth and continuous development.

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Our programs: Inspire discipline, confidence self-esteem and personal improvement through peer-to-peer support, interactive groups, creative workshops, athletics and mentoring offered through our sponsor behavioral health agency - PHASES Inc. .

The Symbolic Art Center is the place where youth ages 6-16 can feel safe from any form of bullying or peer related stress. The Symbolic Art staff closely monitors group and individual behavior. We help prevent disruptive behavior related to gang involvement, bullying, graffiti etc. Symbolic Art works closely with school Administrators serving as a community liaison between parents, deans, principals and law enforcement.

symbolic art center

S.Y.N.C. - Symbolic Youth Networking Council is an organized body of young people committed to serve as positive role models for peers and the community. The core of S.Y.N.C activities involve communicating what's 'Hot' and what's 'Not' by young people for young people. Through recurring after-school meetings S.Y.N.C members organize and plan community service projects as the result of their creative ideas.

A.S.A.P - After School Activity Program gets youth involved in flag football, basketball, poetry, dance, audio/visual production and recording, music, community service and other interactive learning. Youth are challenged to focus on improving their academics while participating in other activities that expand their ability to think, grow and mature as responsible citizens within the community.

An increasing number of children are left at home without adult care or supervision. We believe it's important for our young people to participate in a caring, interactive environment. At the Symbolic Art Center our mission is to encourage all young people to discover their unique passion.

-- Ceramics Workshops - Learning the art of working with clay offers children an opportunity to explore and be as creative as they were made to be. By the time they gain the skills required to take a lump of nothing and mold it into their own creation they would have developed a sense of accomplishment, courage and self-esteem which cannot be measured.

-- Themed Art Themed art involves creative expression highlighting particular ideas, holidays or seasons. Children get into the spirit of a theme as a means of learning through artistic expression.

The Ready, Set, Play Basketball Clinic is open to boys and girls ages
6-15. This program teaches the fundamental disciplines of the game. Teamwork, passing, dribbling and leadership are the main areas of instruction. Student athletes learn within a stress-free environment without the high demands associated with winning and aggressive competition. Athletes who try out for the school's team but do not make the cut are offered this opportunity to learn skills as necessary to not only compete within a team environment but gain an outlet to exercise and stay active. Please email us for more information.

Symbolic Art Center offers diverse programming in five key areas:

  • Character & Leadership Development
  • Education & Career Development
  • The Arts - Artist Development
  • Sports Fitness & Recreation
  • Health & Life Skills

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Symbolic Art Funding4Youth campaign is created to support after school activities programs and to remain affordable for parents and children ages 4-14
Becker Camps, The Symbolic Art Center
Becker Camps, Offered by the Symbolic Art Center Includes Daily Fun, Activities & Learning For Youth Ages 6-14
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Symbolic Art Basketball Summer Developmental League
Symbolic Art Basketball developmental league is open for youth ages 4-17. Symbolic Art emphasizes teamwork, skills development and fair play
Becker Activities, After School - Becker Middle School
Becker activities, after school - also known as A.S.A.P is a Symbolic Art program designed exclusively for teens. A.S.A.P is - sponsored by FACES Inc a non-profit organization
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Symbolic Art after school program is available for youth ages 4-14
Lummis FunPlay Club & Activities Program
Lummis Elementary students hang out at the Symbolic Art Center *Becker Middle School AM session and @Lummis Elementary PM session
Symbolic Art FunPlay Club
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SYNC - Symbolic Youth Networking Council
SYNC - Symbolic Youth Networking Council Organizes and Participates in Community Service Projects, Activities and Specialty Youth Events
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